S4E33 Show Notes: Designed to Last with Dino and Ashley Petrone

by | Aug 16, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Design a life intentionally. Grow faithfully. Create something beautiful that will last!

Ashley and Dino Petrone are on the show sharing their adventures, mishaps, and joys of building a life together using an unexpected element: design. They are inviting us into their home and relationship and sharing the struggles and successes that come from intentionally staying committed to God and each other. Because when you build with faith, creativity, and love as the foundation . . . you build something designed to last!


“We ingrained God into the foundation of how we dated and how we started our marriage.”

“Anytime we struggle it is because we have focused too much on ourselves.”

“Success in our relationships has been when we leaned on God‘s design.”

“Everything in our lives is not going to go perfectly.”

“All of our experiences in life can be used for God’s glory.”

“When we go through hard things it strengthens our faith.”

“We have to live inside the blueprint God created for us to live.”

“It is so much better to keep an open hand because God has something for us that is so much better.”

“God’s given us so much. We need to use what He’s given us for His glory.”

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