S4E32 Show Notes: How to Trust God’s Heart by Tracing His Hand with Alexandra Hoover

by | Aug 9, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

“Where were you, God? I can’t see your hand in my story. Have you ever really shown up for me? Your heart might be good, but just not to me.”

If you’ve thought these things, you aren’t alone. Alexandra Hoover has been in that dark place too. On today’s show, she reveals that God offers a clear way out—by getting your eyes off your surroundings and raising them up to the Ebenezer stone moments in your life. Ebenezer stone by Ebenezer stone, God did this for Alexandra, helping her trace his grace. He lifted her eyes to see the places He had met her and helped her along, even in the darkest parts of the story, and on top of that, He casted vision for her mission and purpose as a member of His family. Join us to learn to:

  • Chart your own Ebenezer-journey with God, stone by stone

  • Learn how to embrace God’s sovereignty in every twist and turn of your life

  • Enjoy the gift of confident faith, no matter what part of the story you face today

  • Walk away with your own clear testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life to share with others who need help and faith right now

  • Understand your place in God’s family and His mission for your life

Are you ready to finally see God’s hand at work in countless moments that lay behind you—and more than that, trust His heart and see His vision for the moments ahead? Then look up to the Ebenezer stones that God has not only built in your story but wants to use in mighty, missional ways.


“Our faith is what should inform the way we move through circumstances and situations.”

“We allow the world to inform our faith.”

“One of the contingencies most of us have is that we can’t see God, but we resolve to believe in a God we can’t see.”

“It’s not that God is unable, it’s our inability to see God move”

“Satan wants to turn our gaze away from the Lord.”

“The moment we take our eyes off of Jesus, we are going to lose sight of Him. Not because He’s not there, but because we’ve chosen to take Him off the throne of our hearts.”

“I believe that God wants nothing more than to reveal Himself to us.”

“Our starting stone is the place where God began to draw our affections to Him.”

“Our greatest Ebenezer is the empty tomb.”

“When you can’t trace God’s hand, you trust His heart by trusting the work on the cross.”

“When we understand our stories, we are then better equipped to live on a mission with our testimonies.”

“God doesn’t need our pain, but He does redeem our pain.”

“Take a moment to consider the work of God in your life.”

“We can’t remember God if we don’t know God.”

“Jesus does not cause our discomfort. He came to comfort us in it.”

“You cannot will your way through a difficult season. God is your only way through it.”

“The Lord has brought us this far and He is not going to stop now.”

“We are called living stones. Because of Christ, you are someone’s answer to prayer.”

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