S4E25 Show Notes: Surrendering All with Michelle Lazurek

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We may know the hymn I Surrender All and proudly sing it in church on Sunday. But do we really want to surrender all, or are there areas of our lives we are hesitant to release to God?


Michelle Lazurek knows what it’s like to want to experience full surrender as God intended, but be unsure how to start. She’s on the show helping us:


▫️Identify areas of struggle in surrendering to God

▫️Utilize practical tips and strategies to incorporate surrender into our everyday lives

▫️Learn how to trust God with every area of our lives

▫️Practically live out the truths in Scripture


Join us to discuss how to lay down every area of your life, in order to watch God do the impossible.



“There has never been a book I’ve written that I haven’t experienced and lived out.”


“What started with little bouts of fear became anxiety I couldn’t control.”


“Hearing that I wasn’t alone was the number one thing I needed to hear from my community of believers.”


“There is freedom and hope. It doesn’t always have to be this way.”


“There is hope and help out there.”


“The church does not do mental illness well. We live in a broken world. Our bodies can break and our brains can break.”


“There is never a part in Scripture where anyone is ever alone.”


Exodus 14 “When they lay down their weapons, God begins to work.”


“What are the areas of our lives that we don’t want to give over to God because we are too afraid?”



“Surrender is a paradox.” 


“I realized I was doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. We confuse what is right and what is right for us.”



“A lack of surrender usually leads back to an area of control we don’t want to relinquish.”



“What my feelings can’t catch up to, the blood of Jesus Christ covers.”


“We often neglect the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude.”


“Peter was not the same man as the man we see at the end of the book of John.”


“When was the last time we encountered the Holy Spirit and it was transformational to our lives?”


“The story of the prodigal son- the other son in the field already had the inheritance.”


To be a love offering: “Normalize anxiety and mental illness within the church.”


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