S4E23 Show Notes: Who You Are with Aubrey Sampson

by | Jun 7, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Who am I? Does God see me? Does God love me? What is my purpose?

So much is tied up in our longing to know who we are: our worth, whether we’re loved, what we’re meant to do with our lives. But there’s a powerful truth that settles every question: God has named us, and the names he has spoken over us settle every question and pain we have experienced in our search for identity.

Names help us know that we belong and to whom we belong. Names carry authority and power. But we also carry other names―painful, damaging names that we have spoken over ourselves or that others have branded on us. Too often, in times of low self-worth, grief, or failure, we exchange our God-given identity for those false names.

When we believe God’s names for us, we will discover a life lived with purpose and passion. Are you ready to accept God’s invitation to silence the inner voice that keeps you from living freely, joyfully, and confidently?

A lot is at stake in understanding the sacred truth of who you are. The names you believe about yourself impact how you live, how you love, and how you move and bear witness to the gospel.

Hear this: God has true names that he speaks over you and wants you to hear above the false banter.

Aubrey Sampson is on the show inviting us to understand and embrace what it means to be created and named in the image of God. In the process, it will ignite a passion to speak life-giving names over others, to bless them through the power of the Name that is above every other.

Join us to discover what it means to be powerfully and personally made and named in the image of God. Everything changes when you believe this incredible truth: You are known by God.


“My spiritual formation and discipleship did not prepare me for the emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain I had to walk through.”

“I began to learn how my spiritual formation during suffering formed me more into Christ-likeness.”

“Over half of the Scriptures are about lament.”

“Lean in instead of pull away from God during difficult times.”

“I believed what happened to me was my fault because I was needy for attention.”

“We want God to heal us in poof, but God heals us in process.”

“God removed my shame and replaced it with His radiance.”

“I’m grateful for the things God has done through the pain that He has allowed in my life.”

“Shame is from the enemy, not from God.”

“Shame grows in the darkness. As soon as you bring it to the light it has no room to grow.”

“There is no shame in needing help.”

“Lament is known as an impolite plea. Lament helps us to stay tethered to God’s presence when all we can feel His absence.”

“Grief is the feeling. Lament is the expression.”

“God is the only one who gets to name us.”

“God removes our false names and replaces them with His names.”

“Our neediness is beautiful and points us to our need for Jesus.”

“We need to learn to live from approval, not for approval. One is a prison and one is freedom.”

Aubrey Sampson

“As Christians, we should be known by our love. Do we treat others as the image-bearers of God that they are?”

“Wherever we are, we are embodied delegates of God. We are His representatives on earth.”

“We carry the image of God best when we do it together in our diversity.”

“God who created us in His image took on our image when Jesus came in the flesh. Therefore, our only job is to point people to Him.”

“I think the most powerful way to be image bears and to be witnesses for Christ is to be faithful in your small life day in and day out.”

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society, Eugene Peterson

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