S4E22 Show Notes: Finding, Keeping, and Loving Our Friends with Bailey T. Hurley 

by | May 31, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

The older we get, the less we find ourselves spending time in the company of good friends. Organic friendship becomes nearly impossible—after all, there are all sorts of obligations tugging at our attention. Or we find ourselves getting frustrated with shallow, draining conversations. Or, most painful of all, we feel like no one wants us—and who wants to be rejected?

If you have found yourself desperately wanting connection but confused about why you are not experiencing it, you are not alone. And you don’t have to stay there.

As Christian women, our faith calls us to support one another on the path of growing as a follower of Jesus—a call that will connect us, create a solid foundation for trust, and bind us together in Jesus’ love, no matter what struggles we face on the road of friendship. Bailey Hurley is on the show offering practical habits that are sustainable, deep, and valuable.

Join us to:

  • identify what makes a godly, lasting friendship;

  • tackle lies and false expectations about what it takes to build lasting friendship; and

  • learn to tackle the barriers to friendship and invite healthy friendship rhythms.

It is possible to grow healthy friendships, starting now.




“Doing life together is better than doing life alone.”


“Loneliness is the disparity between our expectations and our reality.”


We Should Get Together book


“Consistency is a powerful connector.”


“We underestimate how much distance plays a part in the closeness of our friendships.”


“Set up a rhythm for friendship and stick to it.”


“You will usually get out of friendship what you put into friendship.”

Bailey Hurley


“Jesus’ friendship with His disciples is such an invitation and example of how to live life together.”


“It is a misconception to believe that all friendships are supposed to look the same. Our friendships look different and thrive in different environments.”


“Jesus was really clear when He said to lay our life down for our friends.”


“When I struggle to love my friends it’s usually my comfortability and my desire for control that prohibits me.”


“Sometimes you have to sacrifice your idols of comfort and control to be available.”


“You’re going to have to fight for togetherness but it is worth it.”


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