S4E19 Show Notes: Why Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots with Mary Marantz

by | May 10, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

You know her. Maybe you are her. The woman who feels like she must always be “on.” The one who is always performing. She walks into every room relentlessly hard on herself, always attempting to deliver an A+ performance, because she believes this is the bare minimum standard she has to achieve just to be invited to most tables. You would never know by looking at her the hard things she’s had to overcome. She succeeds, almost compulsively, in this urgent attempt to outrun her own muddy story. But she is walking around now, reduced to this burned-out, brittle, fragile, ashes-to-ashes version of herself. She is, at last . . .exhausted.


When gold stars, highlight reels, and seeking approval from strangers on the internet are not enough, Mary Marantz is on the show giving us permission to stop running. Join us as she shares how to move from achieving, striving, and performing for your worth to the grace, freedom, and purpose that come from knowing your identity and calling are determined by God.


You are not in a race with anyone. Good things take time. REAL things take time. And slow growth equals strong roots.



“It always started with dirt. The dirt had a way of finding its way back in.”


“There were a lot of things to create us from and God created us from dust. He breathed life into us. If mud was a good enough source for Him to create all of mankind, then the muddy parts of our story I’ll bet He can also do a lot of good with.”


“Is there something in your life that makes you feel broken and disqualified?”


“Muddy moments leave smudge fingerprints over your life.”


“The thing I thought I had to hide was holding people at arm’s length. When I told my story it pulled others in. Our stories connect us and bind us.”


“God will use all of the muddy and hard.”


“Even if things stay the same, I still believe God is using my story.”


“I thought I was as good as what I could accomplish.”


“Dirt is a love letter to the girl in the trailer and Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots is a love letter to the woman after.”


“What does it look like to figure out who we are apart from what we do?”


“Are we beating ourselves up for not getting the one thing done and ignoring the nine things that we did?”


“What are you speaking over your life? What you say to yourself matters.”


“Most of us are so afraid of failing that we never even start. We would rather do nothing than come up short.”


“People who want to serve, start.”


Brene Brown


Bury Your Ordinary, Pastor Justin Kendrick


“It won’t always feel slow forever.”


“God knows an answer to your prayer may be more of a burden than a blessing.”


“Your character is in a season of preparation.”


“You were developing roots of empathy.”


The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell


“We can be a love offering by getting over ourselves. Instead of thinking what if it fails, consider who could it help?”


Esther Havens says, “stories change stories.”





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