S4E18 Show Notes: Raising Up Strong Young Men with Amy Bloye

by | May 3, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

From energy and injury to surviving middle school, moms are asking questions. They want to know about training, role models, overcoming fear, dealing with ADD, how to talk to their teenagers and how to get them to have a conversation. Moms want to know if they have permission to take care of themselves, how to not act shocked, and how to experience God’s grace and joy in being a boy mom. Amy Bloye is on the show today sharing the wisdom she has learned through motherhood Between Ball Games (Leafwood). Join us to feel more equipped to raise the boys in your life into strong men.



“Inner strength is imperative because without it will be swayed back-and-forth.”


“Weaknesses oftentimes are celebrated. Strength can be confused with being overbearing or being a bully. Real strength is confidence and humility.”


“If I could go back to my younger self I would want to relax more and give myself permission not to be perfect.”


“Grab hold of the season of life you are in and celebrate it.”


“Make home so happy your family wants to be there.”


“As moms, we can set the tone of our house. It is an honor and a responsibility. The tone can be set in the first five minutes.”


“The best way to instill anything in our children is to model it.”

Amy Bloye


“Obedience follows love.”


“As parents, the best thing we can do for our children is to pray for them.”


“We can mold their strong wills without breaking their spirit.”


“Ask God to put strong role models in your child’s life.”


“We have to let our children do difficult things in order for them to develop strength.”


“Culture wants to tame our boys.”


Wild at Heart John Elridge

Do I have what it takes?

Captivating Staci Elridge

Am I lovely?


“I want my boys to know that God loves them, He will never leave them, they can trust Him, and everything they need is found in Jesus. If we don’t install these values in our children, they will find their significance in lesser things.”


“Pray hard and love big. God is doing a work in the lives of those boys and making them great men.”


“We can’t take the credit if our children turn out well and we can’t take the blame if they don’t. Their story isn’t over yet and neither is ours.”


Eph 3:19 We have to let ourselves be loved by God and then let that love overflow.”


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It’s Personal – By Brian & Amy Bloye (brianbloye.com)

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