S4E15 Show Notes: A How-To-Guide to Deep, Authentic Friendships with Amy Weatherly

by | Apr 12, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Is it just me? Am I the only one who’s lonely? Am I the only one without friends?


If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, founders of the widely popular “Sister, I Am with You,” are raising their hands to say, “Yeah, us too.” And they want to encourage, equip, and reassure you that you have what it takes to build the kind of friendships you want.


I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) provides you with the how of cultivating deep relationships in this messy, chaotic, beautiful life. Through this episode, you’ll learn how to:


  • admit you need friends—then go out and find them,

  • dismantle the lies you’ve believed about friendship,

  • love yourself so you can find people who will love you for you,

  • be a good friend even though you can’t be a perfect one, and

  • heal from a friend breakup—and find the courage to try again.

  • It’s time you felt completely accepted as you are—from the top of your messy bun to the tips of your unpedicured toes.


Let’s start making friendships a priority—together.




“Jess and I could’ve been competitors. Instead of me versus you, let’s come together. Collaboration is a beautiful thing.”


“We’ve shifted from a communal society to a very individualistic society.”


“You are not made to carry everything alone and you weren’t made to celebrate alone either. You were made for connection.”


“Do not forget to make time for people.”


“You have to be self-aware and go where the people are.”


“Be brave for five minutes. You have to put yourself out there at the risk of rejection.”


“Don’t wait for the invitation. Give the invitation. Don’t wait to be invited to the party. Throw the party.”


“Don’t spend your whole life waiting for what you want to happen to you.”


“That first step is awkward for everybody. We can deal with the awkwardness. We can’t deal with loneliness.”


“You will find who your people are and who your people aren’t. That’s a process.”


“We are not the only ones without friends.”


“How are people supposed to know that you care about them if you don’t tell them.”


“Satan would love nothing more than to get us alone and for us to be isolated.”


“I’m going to love without expectation, but that also doesn’t mean that I’m going to keep watering dead plants. We only have so much time and so much energy to give. Spend it wisely.”


“You don’t have to come from a place where you were begging for love. Come from a place where you’re ready to give love.”


“Insecurity and people-pleasing are my biggest struggles.”


“There is no amount of popularity that will fill that cavity.”


“If you’re popular, a lot of people know of you, but they don’t really know you. We don’t want popularity. We want intimacy. I would rather be known by a few people than admired by the multitudes.”


“I’d rather be genuinely loved by a few than fake loved by thousands.”


“To be a love offering view every connection as a gift from God.”


“Instead of working for love, come from a place where you’re working from love.”

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