S4E1 Show Notes: Speaking Truth into the Darkness with Ellie Holcomb

by | Jan 4, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Whether it’s a dream that isn’t coming true, a stretch of the journey that feels especially dark, or just the basic “busy and tired” each of us braves in the crazy chaos of the ordinary, have you ever faced a season where “life to the full” feels just out of reach, light seems like it it’s just over the horizon, or lies seem to crowd out the truth?

If you’re anything like Ellie Holcomb, the answer is yes. For her in these seasons, God’s Word has been a shelter, a comfort, a song, a balm, and an anchor. Ultimately, it’s been a light that has helped kick back at the darkness of the lies we so often believe. In her debut devotional,  Fighting Words and in today’s episode, you are invited to come alongside Ellie, as you ponder the power of God’s promises together and speak them into the darkest corners of your soul.

We pray you find that little by little, you’re fighting the lies with the truth, kicking back the darkness, and living in the light.



“We want to give a surrendered yes to the gifting and call God places on our lives.”


“Every single person wherever they come from is made in the image of God.”


“I spent a lot of my life avoiding pain. In the midst of the darkest places, I’ve experienced God in the most powerful ways.”


“You don’t have to bury your hope here because the Hope himself Jesus was already buried for you and He walked out of the grave.”


“To be human is to be broken, yet in the deepest part of our darkness, light is stronger.”


“God’s love is a lot like water. It flows to the lowest place. It runs deeper than our greatest and deepest sorrow.”


“Find rest in green pastures of God’s promises.”


“When I sing I believe.”


“I learned to pray because my mom prayed.”


“Scripture memory is fighting words.”


“I’m sick of the enemy stealing our joy and peace. God calls His Word a sword and I’m not going down without a fight.”


“It didn’t change our circumstances. It changed us from the inside out.”


“I think God wired us to sing and rejoice.”


“We can sing with our lives to reflect the beauty and goodness of God.”


“If we can spend just a little time looking into the eyes of our maker, it begins to shift everything.”


“You can’t get into the presence of God and stay the same.”


“I can be a love offering by spending time talking to the author of love Himself. My job is to be a conduit of the love I have received.”


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