S3E52 Show Notes: One Good Word A Day with The Ruth Experience 

by | Dec 28, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

If you were to pick one word for the year, what would it be?

Invite . . . Abide . . . Balance . . . Simplify . . . ?


Every January, many of us proclaim our word for the year, choosing something inspiring that will help us set our intention for the coming months. But what would happen if rather than choosing one word for an entire year (because let’s face it, some of us forget by March), we focused on one good word each day―one thought-provoking, spiritually relevant, and encouraging word that reveals the many lovely and delightful truths of who Jesus is in our lives?


The Ruth Experience is on the show today talking about One Good Word a Day. This 365-day devotional offers simple, but deeply spiritual meditations that will help us linger on one word each day to identify and reflect on how Jesus as the Word influences our daily lives.


We pray you realize that Jesus is more than one word. He offers us abundance, hope, peace, kindness, courage, mercy, and so much more. One Good Word a Day reminds us that in Christ, we find all we need to live encouraged, and uplifted every day.




“Many of the friendship issues we are dealing with as adults began when we were children.

“You get to explore all of the characteristics of God.”


“If you have a challenging word for a day, you only have to hold it for a day.”


“To focus on one word allows us to be more intentional and focus on a portion of Scripture.”


“We can do only so much alone. There is accountability in doing life with others.”


“It gave me a fresh awareness and appreciation of how God impacts every area of my life.”



“I learned how to come alongside people in grief in a Godly way.”


“My favorite words were the ones I’m not terribly good at. I’m challenged by the call to action in each devotion. I love the words that remind me to love God and love people.”


“God is in the little moments too.”


“A couple of minutes reading God’s Word consistently each day can be so impactful.”


“There is no shame, only grace.”


“Deeply pursue God in the coming year.”


“Keep your eyes open. God sends us in the places and spaces we already are.”


“Spend time with God and focus on Him. Remind yourself of His care and love for you. Then, out of that place, be aware of how you can love the people around you.”


“Be intentional and look for opportunities around you.”


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