S3E46 Show Notes: God’s Goodness in Suffering with Summer Gordon

by | Nov 16, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

What would you do if the unthinkable happened? Where would you find the strength to endure? The Gordon family was confronted with that very challenge when their five-year-old son, Sawyer, known for his big blue eyes and vivacious spirit, cheerfully pedaled his bike onto their busy road. Moments later, a distracted driver, someone the family knew, stood over the motionless child—the unthinkable had happened. Part memoir, part Christian apologetic, Hope Remains is much more than a self-help book on grief. It is a transparent story of loss, love, forgiveness, and the unshakeable goodness of God. Join Summer Gordon on today’s episode to realize that shattered hearts don’t have to mean shattered hope.



“Anytime you are living for the Lord you are a target for the enemy.”


“The Holy Spirit sustained us each and every day. Not only survive it, but He is helping us to thrive. It’s only because of the supernatural strength of the Lord.”


“We were able to hold on to hope because we made an intentional choice to trust God.”


“God is good even when life isn’t good. We had to trust His character over our feelings.”


“This life is just a blip on the timeline of eternity. We have eternity to spend with our loved ones with Christ.”


“Purpose was not something we found, it was something God revealed over time.” 


“God doesn’t cause the heartache and pain but sometimes He allows the pain. And He always intends to use it.”


“God can use simple ordinary tasks to make an eternal impact. We just have to slow down and be willing to see.”


“God’s goodness is all around us if we open her eyes to see it.”


“God is the author of redemption stories.”


“Forgiving him was easy, but forgiving myself was not.”


“Don’t be afraid of people’s pain. We were loved well because people continued to pursue us.”


“God collects our tears. He cares. He will not waste an ounce of our pain.”



“To be a love offering we have to spend time with Christ. When we do we are changed from the inside out and we are better versions of ourselves. Apart from Christ, we have nothing to offer.”


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