S3E42 Show Notes: Celebrating and Embracing Our Differences with Heather Avis

by | Oct 19, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

The Lucky Few is a social awareness brand on the mission to make a more inclusive and loving world with an emphasis on shifting the Down syndrome narrative. Heather Avis is the founder and chief visionary officer of The Lucky Few and mom of three adopted children, two of which have Down Syndrome. She is on the show chatting about her children’s new book titled “Different—A Great Thing To Be!” Join us as Heather shares about learning to value the “different” in all people, leading the way to a more inclusive, kinder world in which our differences are celebrated and warmly embraced.


“Macy was my scariest and best yes.”

“When you hear your child has Down Syndrome, the reaction is almost always negative. But then you hold this baby and you think what was I so scared of? Look at this beautiful baby in my arms.”

“You can live a normal and fun life with a child with Down Syndrome.”

“Our mission is to shift the Down Syndrome narrative. It is an asset and not a deficit.”

“Life is better when we live alongside people who are different than us.”

“We are afraid of what is different than us. We gravitate toward what is the same.”

“God is the ultimate includer and king of diversity. If we want to know God more fully then we need to get to know more people.”

“If you aren’t in proximity with someone you can’t have a relationship with them.”

“Create a foundation of different in your home.”

“Let your children ask questions.”

“All of us have had feelings of insecurity about things that make us different.”

“In Western culture, there is a tendency to want to be alike.”

“The thing that is so different about them is made purposefully by God.”

“We have to be careful not to view one person as the hero and one person as the victim. We are all just people. No one is less than or better than.”

“Notice who is missing.”

“Don’t put pressure on the family to always be the guide.”

“Who you are is welcome here.”

“Do you see my kids as valuable?”

This week’s love offering is to say to ourselves and to say to those around us “who you are, exactly as you are, you are loved and you are worthy. Who I am, exactly as I am, I am loved and I am worthy to be loved.”

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