S3E40: How What We Know About God Impacts How We Live with Amy Gannett

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We live in a polarized time. Christians are quick to conceive of themselves either as theologically-minded or worship-minded; either thinking Christians or feeling Christians. The results are damaging: theology without worship is muted, stifled, and cold, and worship without theology is ungrounded, unrooted, and uninformed. 


This is not the way it was meant to be. Amy Gannett is the author of “Fix Your Eyes” and she is on the show sharing how our theology (our study and knowledge of God) should always lead to doxology (our worship of Him). Worship should always be rooted in theology. When we study the nature and character of God as revealed in his Word, we are invited to respond in the affectionate, obedient discipleship of worship. How can we keep our theology from being mere head knowledge? How do we give our worship roots that will last? By fixing our eyes on God Himself—the object of our study and the object of our worship. 


Join us to understand the core doctrines of the Christian faith, apply them in our daily worship of God, and live them out in daily life.



“We have a burden for people who are de-churched. People who have been a part of a church that have been hurt and walked away from it. They know the language and speak the Christian vernacular so they appear to be believers, but they don’t have a personal relationship with Christ.”


“The gospel changes everything about our lives.”


“My prayer is that we would love the church as Christ loved the church.”


“Their affection for people has just been dislodged and instead it’s just replaced by marketing for growth.


“Information is not the same as transformation. We have more access to information about God than we ever have.”


“God’s vision for the church is for people who are completely different from each other to unite around the call, the message, the transformative work of Christ, and be changed as they grow together.”


“When I hear him singing, it changes me. Not because we are the same, but because we are different.”


“I can listen to a pastor online but the pastor doesn’t know me.”


“I hear a craving for relationships, a craving to be shepherded, and a craving to be known, but an apathy about returning to church. The local church is where God has ordained for it to happen.”


“Saturating our children’s minds with the gospel message will not return void. Tiny theologians was designed to make God’s Word accessible to children and their parents.”


“We all have to be discipled and be disciples. If we are Christians then we are recipients of the Great Commission.”


“If you are not in a church, if you are not practicing hospitality, if you’re not discipling your children, and you call yourself a Christian, then I challenge you to think about how you are fulfilling the Great Commission. So many of us are intimidated by what that means.”


“God wants us to join in the work that He is already doing”


“Truth leads us to worship. As we learn about God, we should grow in love for God.”


“Our worship is our discipleship, it’s how we follow and obey God.”


“God isn’t taking it away. He is just making it better. God is not tossing away His creation as if it was a first draft and starting again. He’s actually making all things new.”


“Fix your eyes on Christ, His glory, and His purpose, and everything else will pale in comparison.”



“Focus on learning the heart of God.”


This week our love offering is to “make your whole self available to God. So often we withhold a part of ourselves. There is a reason that God asks us to love Him with our whole mind, body, heart, and strength.”


About Amy:

Amy Gannett (M.Div, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary) is a speaker, writer, and 

Bible teacher. She is the author of several exegetical Bible studies, and her teaching and writing has been featured on Christian outlets like Well-Watered Women, The Gospel Coalition, JourneyWomen, Risen Motherhood, and Christ and Pop Culture. 

She is also the founder of Tiny Theologians, which offers training tools for parents and children’s ministries, equipping them to pass on the Christian faith to the next generation. You can find her online at amygannett.com, and on social media at @amycategannett and @tinytheologians.


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