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Ever wonder why it’s so easy to compare ourselves to others? Or, why is it so difficult to stop? In an era of carefully curated social media images, non-stop selfies, and channels devoted to perfecting everything from your home to your dinner plate, comparison consumes us! And always chasing better becomes a burden! It weighs down our souls and prevents us from experiencing satisfaction or rest. Heather Creekmore is on the show today sharing her personal battle with weight, appearance, and comparison. Tune in to lift the weight of your burden of better and comparison. 


“When it came to my looks, what I did, and my relationships—it could always be better. I was stuck on the treadmill of self-improvement and life-improvement.”

“I realized that my body image issues were not about my body.”

“I had made my body image an idol. An idol dictates what you believe.”

“When we say that God made everyone physically beautiful, that’s not really telling the truth. Look at Leah for example. But it’s only not the truth if we’re going by culture’s definition of beautiful. God doesn’t define beauty the way we do. Because we bear His image we are glorious creations.”

“I wanted to be physically beautiful because I believed that it would increase my value.”

“We can see that beauty didn’t make her life more perfect, but for whatever reason, we believe that it will make ours more perfect.”

“The lies we believe are keeping us disconnected from our communities.”

“Idols keep you chasing.”

“I believe the Bible already assumes that we have enough self-love.”

“Pride and vanity was the fall of Satan.”

“When you love God and others, you think about yourself less. Stop trying to love yourself and just love Jesus.”

“Cellulite is just evidence that we live in a fallen sinful world.”

“My job is not to bring more glory to me. My job is to reflect Christ to bring glory to Him.”

“We worship the acceptance, attention, and approval of others. Jesus is saying I already accept and approve of you.”

“Comparison is relative. You can compare yourself up and you can compare yourself down. Jesus is the only better we need to strive for.” 

“Do we desire to be more like the people we see on social media or do we desire to be more like Jesus?”

“We are bombarded with messages of how we can be better and it’s really difficult to press pause.”

“Freedom from comparison comes from a deep dive into God’s grace—His saving, sanctifying, growing, and sustaining grace.”

“If the quality or characteristic we’re trying to achieve is important to God, He will do the work.”

“Get your own head and heart straight first.”

“Instead of filling our kids with self-esteem that will fleet away, instead let’s fill them up with identity in Christ that will last.”

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