Being a mother is a feeling like no other. Inside the soul of every mother lies a heart that becomes a repository of sweet memories, hard lessons, glorious victories, ordinary days, glaring failures, and God’s grace over the years of mothering. The heart of a mother becomes home to jokes around the dinner table, holiday traditions, the tears of childhood, and the love that only a mother knows.


Carol McLeod, president and founder of Carol McLeod Ministries, is on the show chatting about her book Rooms of a Mother’s Heart: A Sacred Call and an Eternal Purpose (Whitaker House, April 2021). In today’s episode, she shares what it means to be a mother and offers tender encouragement to all women who accept that calling.


Topics of conversation:

  • How God’s wisdom can help mothers become stronger 
  • Creating beautiful and meaningful relationships with your children
  • How to approach important milestones in your children’s lives
  • The importance of introducing your children to God and the Bible


We pray that after today’s episode you realize how you don’t have to be a perfect mom, but you can be a wonderful mom.



“The best part of motherhood has been knowing that I’m partnering with God, the Creator of the universe, in His strategy for raising the next generation for Kingdom purposes.”


“We are partnering with God in our moment of history to create a lasting legacy.”


“The highest calling in life is not to be a mom. The highest calling is to be like Jesus. But if you are a mom, motherhood will show you all the ways that you need to be less like you and more like Jesus.”


“We are all called to leave a deposit on the next generation.”


“I wish someone had told me how fast it all goes. Be all into the season you are in.”


“Know what season you are in and respond appropriately. Don’t be shoveling snow when you should be planting flowers.”



“You do not spoil a child with love. You spoil a child with things.”


Titus 2:3


“Who is supposed to teach the younger women? The older women.”


“Turn off your phone and be in the moment with your kids.”


“Your child needs you.”


“Our goal is not perfect, our goal is wonderful. And we are the ones in charge of wonderful. You can make anything wonderful if you choose to do so.”


“Set your priorities as a family. Our priorities were love, creativity, and a biblical perspective for life. Our priority was not to offer tangible items, but to offer eternal truth.”


James 1:5 


“All you have to do if you need wisdom is ask for it.”


“Love is spelled TIME.”


“Celebrate ordinary days.”


“Don’t minimize their feelings. Listen, but guide. Channel their emotions into a healthy way of approaching them.”


“These ideas don’t cost money, they just take time.”


“You can’t change your what, but you can change your how. How will your mother? Choose your adjective.”


“I wanted to be a kind mom and a mom of celebration.”


“It’s important to have family devotions. They can be short, but be consistent.”


“Make Scripture conversational and make it come alive.”


“I wanted to teach my children the same virtues in life but how I had to go about teaching a specific virtue was different based upon their gender.”


“Have you decided to be a family? Traditions are holidays that belong to only your family.”


Dr. James Dodson says, “Other than providing a safe home for your family, the second most important thing in your children’s development are traditions.”


“Traditions keep you joined even if you are miles apart.”


Romans 14:17


Bring righteousness, joy, and peace into your home. That is Godly behavior, lack of warfare, and the presence of God.”


“Even as we try our best, our children will not do everything perfectly. Motherhood is not an assembly line where perfect robots are produced.”


“I’ve had some prodigals of my own—some who have come home and some I’m still praying for.”


“The Bible promises when we train our children up in the way they should go that when they are old they will not depart from it.”


This week’s love offering is to “lay our lives on the altar of God as a love offering for His plans and His purposes for the next generation.”


“It might not be as difficult to live a significant life as you think.”


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Room’s Of A Mother’s Heart



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