On any given day we can feel rushed, judged, or ignored. And so it’s tempting to respond to the slights and indignities of life with bitterness, resentment, frustration, or sadness. But Kay Wyma suggests there is a better way. In a 30 day experiment titled The Peace Project Kay demonstrates that lasting inner peace comes from outward practices—a magical mixture of thankfulness, kindness, and mercy. Join us to experience lasting peace for yourself and the world around you. 


“What if we did something for 30 days that helped our thoughts?”

“The shalom peace that Jesus brought.”

“Mercy is compassion. Start with compassion over judgment, even for yourself.”

“It isn’t to practice so you can check it off a list. It is so that you are accustomed to it and so it doesn’t take quite as long to give yourself or someone else life.”

“You aren’t just thinking about it, you are acting on it. Kindness is the thought and the practice.”

“What if our superhighways went to patience, kindness, and loving first?”

“It’s in God’s strength, not ours.”

“We are all living in these busy days and we have to learn to function in them.”

“People are struggling and we can’t see the inside turmoil.”

“I choose to see beyond this moment to see the person.”

“If you are feeling discord, gratitude always helps. Start small. Even begrudgingly.”

“The world operates on an if-then theology. God’s economy is a because-then equation.”

“This is God’s business. We are His hands and feet. What a gift that we get to do these things out of faith.”

“This allowed joy to be in our path even in situations that were far from joyful.”

This week’s love offering is to, “Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see someone you can encourage, build up, or care about so that they may feel seen or known today. It is all for His glory, for His namesake, and for our good.”

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