For some, Christianity is a long list of rules to be followed, and it’s hard to be a “good Christian”  because it always seems you’re breaking one of those rules. Barb Roose is on the show today sharing her breakthrough of finding freedom in Christ. Join us to let go of the feelings of not good enough, rule-keeping, and performance in order to embrace God’s free gift of grace. 


“From an early age, I felt the pressure of having to follow the rules that God wanted me to be as a good Christian.”

“Because of my personality type, anytime I didn’t check the box of what a good Christian did I felt ashamed.”

“When we don’t read the entire narrative of the Bible we can be tempted to think that God just has a list of dos and don’ts.”

“I believed the more I did the more God would like me, even though God never said that. But that gave me comfort thinking I could control God’s love. However, instead of feeling better, it caused fear because I never felt like I was doing enough.”


“At that moment I realized there was nothing I could ever do to get myself out of what I had done. Did God love me any less because I had messed my life up? I realized the answer was that he loved me exactly the same.”

“The gospel is based on God’s perfect promises, not our performance.”

“Freedom is living free from fear and living fully alive in God’s great adventure of joy and purpose.”

“A relationship with God is that we receive from Him rather than follow the rules.”

“Your freedom in Christ cannot be shaken or taken away from anyone who chooses not to live like Christ.”

“The gospel is enough.”

“Justification is when a person is declared not guilty. It is when we say yes to what Jesus did for us on the cross.”

“Sanctification is where we are willing to let God change us. We have to be willing to let Him do the work within us.”

“Spiritual breakthrough is not about what we are doing but when we allow God to work in us. That is when we will experience a spiritual breakthrough.”

“Legalism holds us back. Legalism wants us to believe that we have to earn God’s love by what we do. But God is love and we don’t have to do a thing for it.”

“You cannot mess up God’s love for you.”

“The very first breakthrough for all of us is receiving God’s grace. We need His grace every single day.”

This week’s love offering is to extend grace. Because as Barb says, “We love and care for each other by first recognizing that there is grace for all of us. That means that it’s not my job to fix other people. A love offering is pouring myself out, not pushing people over.”

“Grace gives me the ability to love people better. When  I recognize and respond to what God is doing in me, it frees, heals, and opens my heart to live out God’s love and grace to other people.”


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