S3E32 Podcast Show Notes: Love Large With The Little You Have with Julie Sunne

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Julie is the mother of nine (five in heaven), one of which is a special needs daughter named Rachel. Julie shares Rachel’s story and the way she loves others with wordless gestures. We chat about trusting in God’s faithful love and offering what we have no matter how qualified we feel. We also chat about ways to practically show love to caregivers and those with special needs as well. We pray after this episode you realize how even the smallest gestures in word and deed can have an enormous impact.



“I already had two boys and I knew typical developmental milestones and she wasn’t meeting those.”


“We don’t know her official diagnosis. She’s globally delayed.”


“The kids all loved her because she loved them without exception.” 


“Rachel and her peers modeled what it means to have childlike faith.”


“She hugged someone that I hate to say I wouldn’t have.”


“She doesn’t like for people to be sad or to argue, so she pulls them together to hug.”


“We are saved by grace not by what we do. When we are believers, good works should come out. We are known as Christians by our fruit.”


“He likely felt unwanted and unlovable and all it took was a hug to change his heart.”


“She epitomized what a homecoming queen should be.”


“They don’t have to be grandiose gestures to make a difference.”


“It can be easy to wonder if we even have a gift. It can feel like what we do doesn’t matter.”


I’m in a season of “now what.” I’m not necessarily a mother anymore. Now I’m a caregiver.”


“There are so many other things I’d love to go out and do, but that isn’t possible. God has been pressing on my heart that there is so much for me to do here. If we are still breathing we have a purpose.”



“It’s critical that we can keep going back to God’s sovereignty and His plan for our lives. He isn’t a haphazard God.”


“Instead of sitting in sorrow thinking about what I can’t do, I need to shift my perspective to consider what I can do.”


“Even if we can’t speak, we can pray.”


“I’ve had five miscarriages through the years and I really fell into a dark hole because of them. I wondered if there would ever be light again.”


“I experienced the seesaw of questioning God and being angry with Him to knowing He loved me and was present with me through it all.”


“Those experiences prepared me to be a caregiver.”


“We want to be seen and noticed as women because we do so much. Love is not just giving, it is also surrendering. In surrendering, that’s how Jesus demonstrated His love the most. We are not always going to feel appreciated. Surrendering our pride is the key to living content.”


“You can love caregivers well by not running the other direction and not avoiding their pain. As caregivers, we often feel alone. When someone enters our world and listens or even asks questions it makes a world of a difference. Step into their story and give affirmation.”


“I can’t do this. I don’t know how to be a parent to a special needs child.”


“God has equipped me for this task.”


“It’s easy to look at someone who is different and shy away. We can’t look down at someone. We need to get down on their level to engage with them.”


”Don’t worry about not having the right words to say. They just want to know that you care.”


“Being a love offering starts with being in the Word. We have to understand His love for us because that’s where our love flows. Ask God to open your eyes and open your heart to see the needs that He wants you to meet.”


“It’s easy to get caught up in our lives, so consciously think of others. What’s one way you can reach out to someone today?”


“Not only does it bless them but it blesses us because every time we offer love, we receive that love back. And of course, we can only do that because of the love of Christ. Nothing is too little when you are showing love.”


“Up until recently, I thought of myself as a mother, not as a caregiver.”



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