Today’s episode is all about why we love and what hinders us from loving well. Somer Colbert’s Ahavah In Our Hearts ministry focuses on showing love through an intentional mindset and choices each and every day, to serve rather than be served, and to love even when it’s hard. We chat about love in our marriages, as mothers, in our churches, and in our workplaces. Join us to be encouraged and equipped to keep loving right where you are. 



“As Christian women, we often wait to arrive in a certain season before we feel like we can be effective for God’s kingdom.”


“It’s easy to love others when they are lovable or when they love you back in a healthy way, but it’s extremely difficult to love when your love is not returned or it is returned in an unhealthy way.”


“Our purpose in loving is not to fulfill something in us, but to fulfill Christ’s command to love for the sake of pointing others to Him.”


“Why would we withhold the love that we have so freely been given?”


“You don’t have to wait until you come to an end of your struggles for God to use you. God uses our imperfections so we can relate to and empathize with others. Nobody relates to perfect.”



“I’ve learned the most by handling things incorrectly.”


“I’ve had to learn to release that false sense of control that I tried to hold onto. My tendency to control was just fear manifesting itself. It was a self-protection mechanism I created to avoid loss and pain.”


“Understanding my personality better helps me to react better.”


“Our focus needs to be on who God has placed before us today. He has all of the details I am concerned about all in hand and in line with His perfect plan. Knowing that gives me peace as I walk through this anxiety struggle.”


“Perfectionism is trying to achieve only what Christ was able to manifest in human form.”


“It’s the pursuit of those characteristics of God that I think we need to focus on rather than this outward expression of perfection as the world defines it.”


“There are people all around us that are hurting.”


“So much of how we love well is what we choose to do and what we choose not to do.”


“Be who you are in Christ everywhere you go.”


“How can I help you?”


“When a wife feels secure, intimacy is a no-brainer.”


“Let your lifestyle be the teacher.”


“They need to see that the Heavenly Father is perfect, not their mom.”


“It’s all about a purposeful posturing of our hearts on a daily basis.”


“We aren’t big enough to get in the way of His plans.”


This week’s love offering is to “Look around and ask the Lord to give you eyes to see the harvest around you, be willing, and have the courage to act accordingly.”


“Be poised and ready to move when God says go.”


Books mentioned:

Birth Order by Dr. Kevin Leman

The Powerful Purpose Of Introverts Holley Gerth

Growing Slow by Jennifer Dukes Lee

The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman


Sermon mentioned:

Enneagram Series by Sandals church Matt Brown


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