Olive Us ministry leader Rachael Wade is on the show today encouraging us to lean into our in-process stories. We chat about the value of remembering the goodness & faithfulness of God, practicing presence, and growing in the midst of tough seasons. Join us in the place of already and not there yet. We pray through this conversation we realize that when we are connected to one another and connected to the Source, we can survive and flourish no matter what comes our way.




“I found myself straying from believing what God said about me. I started making my life about what I needed to achieve. I put things on a pedestal that shouldn’t have been there, like my marriage and my children.”


“As we are freed, we then can go help free other women.”


“Reframe what you may define as growth. As we are growing, God is going with us.”


Psalm 52:8


“We are connected to one another and when connected to the source, we can survive and flourish no matter what comes our way.”


“Mountain top stories are important, but we also need to talk about the in-process stories. When we are right in the midst of sorrow and pain. It’s in between the already and not there yet.”


“Life is hard and days get messy, so it is imperative to recount and remember God’s faithfulness. Because if we’re looking, we can find it.”


“We keep a blessing box where we put in what God is doing in our lives and then on our anniversary we read them.”


“Joy comes when we recount and remember who God is and what He has done in our lives.”


“Community is important because God said so. Since it is His heart, it’s important to me. It should be important to us because it is important to God.”


“Pray for the community that you would love to surround you.”


“No matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert or what enneagram number you are, you’re probably going to have to go first. You may be the one to build community instead of going somewhere to find it. Seek God and then go first.”


“The ministry you are doing inside your walls is just as important as the ministry you’re doing outside of your walls. Your greatest disciples are right beside you and that is enough.”


“A lot of the work we do is not seen. What you do matters to Him. Everything is seen by our Father.”



“What I do matters to you.”


“I sit with the Father in the quiet and I listen. Then I offer up praise, then I offer up petitions. That’s the rhythm I try to follow when I practice presence. The more time I spend with Him, the more I fall in love with His Word.”


“I’m not God and I can’t do all things.”


“Even Jesus paused, went away, and rested.”


“This week’s love offering is to “show up the way God made you in your places and spaces. I’ve wasted so much time trying to show up as a representative of myself or what I thought other people wanted me to be.”


“Walking in His love allows me to show love to those around me.”




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