S3E27 Podcast Show Notes: Trusting God Through Struggles with Misty Phillip

by | Jul 7, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Misty Phillip has lived through many difficult seasons of life where all she could do was look to God and His Word for hope. There she found biblical solutions and scriptural promises that helped her to overcome. In today’s episode, she shares her experience encouraging us to seek Jesus, study His Word, and grow in grace. We pray that after this episode you realize that though the struggle is real, so is God. 



“I needed somebody to say get on your knees before the Lord and spill your heart out to Him because He is the only one who can truly help you.”


“I needed to be in the Word because it was my lifeline.”


“God is pursuing us because He loves us. Even in the midst of difficult circumstances He is there. We just need to open up our eyes to see Him.”


“Grasping how much He truly loves us changes everything.”


“Biblical overcomers give me hope because none of them were perfect.”


“When Paul became a Christian his life didn’t get easier, but he counted it all joy with his eyes fixed on eternity.”


“We have to know what the Word of God says in order to apply it and take our thoughts captive.”


“Personalize Scripture to hold onto His promises as our own. When we meditate and obey the Lord, it activates the Word in our life.”


“Christ came to set the captives free and share the Good News. Freedom is in Christ. When our minds are renewed and we are walking with the Lord we find freedom.”


“Life is hard and we are hard on ourselves. God simply says come. As we seek Jesus and study His word we grow in grace.”


“It’s so important to link arms with others to spread the gospel message.”


“Before we can be love offerings, we have to be in the Word first. Then we can go and do.”


“God gives us opportunities all the time to serve and love our neighbors and family.”



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