S3E22 Show Notes: Identity with Alexandra Hoover

by | Jun 1, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Alexandra Hoover

Today’s conversation is all about our identity, approval, affirmation, worth, and value. Alexandra Hoover is sharing about the insecurities she has battled, how she is learning to overcome, and how you can too. 


Topics of conversation: 
  • Being not enough and too much
  • Learning to be rather than do
  • Living from love and not for it
  • Moving from bondage to freedom
  • How changing the world happens through the mundane 
  • Trusting that God will use our little as we willingly offer it to Him
  • Reconciling the hard things of life with God’s love 
  • Creating a positive identity of the inherent Godly worth and value for our children



“God used the hard things to mold me and shape me into who I am today.”


“As long as I can remember I’ve struggled with identity issues, seeking affirmation, looking for acceptance, and value. And it all came from a place of rejection.”



“If we don’t know whose we are, we don’t know who we are and we will start to allow the circumstances of our life to tell us who we are. So, instead of allowing our faith to inform our life, we allow our life to inform our faith.” 


“God, who do you say I am and how does that change the way I live my life?”


“As humans we give love out of a transaction. God’s love is not transactional, it’s sacrificial. My identity work has been found in God’s sacrificial love.”


“I didn’t have a concept of God’s love, I only had a concept of my mom’s love.”


“There’s something so beautiful about allowing ourselves to come to the end of ourselves.”


“Eve was given abundance in the garden of Eden yet she buys into the lie that God is holding out on her. Who I am it’s not enough.”


“We are from Adam until we are in Christ.”


“Allow the work of your hands to come from the work of your heart.”


“Go tell and tell why.”


“He is the well. We have to go back to the well daily.”


“When I start drifting and reaching for other things, it’s an indication that I have taken my gaze off of God.”


“When we look for love, we have lost sight of love itself.”


“When we look at other things to give us what only Jesus can,we will spend our life looking to others to tell us who we are.”


“Often in the darkest seasons we can learn the most about God‘s character. A tidy faith is a safe faith.”


“We move into freedom by moving into surrender.”


“I’m willing to never be enough. It takes a breaking. God has to undo something to redo something new.”


“Jesus teaches us about the ministry in the mundane. Jesus was the hands and feet without the world seeing it and knowing it for 30 years.”


“You are the vessel. What more are you looking for?”


“I make sure I don’t parent from a performative angle. I want to make sure that I let them know that they don’t have to do to be loved. You don’t have to work for love.”


“Trust God’s heart when you can’t trace His hand.”


This week’s love offering is to ask God what He has asked you to steward. Ask Him to reveal how He is doing much with your little.”


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