Women tend to over-think practically everything, so it can be quite scary for most of us to be left alone with our thoughts. We long for strong, intimate relationships with our Heavenly Father, daily striving to live for His glory and enjoy life in Christ. However, just when we discover the blessed assurance of standing firm in the Lord, we falter, once again, caught up in Satan’s vortex of doubt, fear, and guilt. But we can live Beyond the Noise. Laura Bailey is on the show today exploring 10 lies Satan wants us to believe to deceive us and how to counteract them with God’s truth. 

We discuss:
  • Recognizing the voice of truth versus the voice of the enemy
  • Falsely believing we can have it all 
  • Not allowing our past defines us
  • A healthy body image
  • The struggle with social media
  • God’s design for marriage
  • The lies we believe as mothers
  • Obeying God’s commands rather than meeting the world’s demands
  • Feeling like our contributions are too small and insignificant
  • Escaping the comparison trap
  • Living each day as if it could be your last
  • Standing firm and fighting the perpetual daily battles against Satan

We pray after tuning in you can silence the lies of the deceiver and live beyond the noise. 


“Silence is a rarity.” 

“We have to learn to distinguish the noise and the thoughts that run counter to Christ.”

“We can’t fight the enemy if we’re not prepared for battle.”

“On the outside, it looks picture-perfect, but on the inside, there is so much conflict.”

“You can either live your life surrendered to God where you can rest in peace for all of eternity or you can continue to strive on the world’s hamster wheel of success where you will never find eternal happiness.”

“Our story for God’s glory.”

“The body battle does not discriminate.”

“Comparison’s evil sister is covetousness.”

“Marriage is one of the best testimonies of Christ to a broken world.”

“I had to stop relying on my husband to fill a void that only God can fill.”

“We can either point someone to Jesus or point them away.”

“Andrew’s ministry was marked by impacting one person at a time.”

“Am I living like this could be my last day? What I can do today doesn’t need to wait until tomorrow.”

“We have to prioritize spending time in Scripture.”

“What a testimony to your children for them to see you in God’s word.”

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Books Mentioned:

Jen Wilkin – Women of the Word

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