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by | Apr 27, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Love can be hard. It doesn’t always look like the fairytales we are led to believe. And yet, here we are trying to navigate our relationships and love as God has commanded us. Meredith Carr is on the show opening up about the hard places to love in marriage and motherhood. We hope at the conclusion of this episode you discover the fairytale ending our hearts actually need and learn to lean on God’s power to love even on the hardest days.

Meredith Carr


“The burden feels even heavier because you feel so alone.”

“We were created for perfection in perfection. God created Eve to be Adam’s perfect match, but we don’t live in Eden anymore.”

“Our hearts are idol factories. We are always looking for something to worship or elevate.”

“Heartache in marriage is not just a secular issue. It’s also in the church. Marriage and family had become a sanctioned idol within the church.”

“The gift cannot take the place of the Giver Himself.”

“The enemy wants to take what is good and twist it.”

“I see the beauty in the most devastating moments because it was when God finally brought me to the end of myself.”

“Agape love is from Him, not from us—even on our best days.”

“We have to be humble to receive God’s love first. We have to recognize our need for it and our limitations.”

“Ultimately love is a choice. Hard love is an act of will.”

“Even now God is working His redemption story in you.”

“We have a tendency to even idolize God’s redemption. We can’t put God’s redemption in a box.”

Tracy Miles says, “the end of your marriage is not the end of you.”

“He is the groom that will always be faithful, will never fail us, and will always love us.”

“Be willing to exercise His because He really can empower us to love even on the hardest days.”

This week’s love offering is to do something nice for your spouse if you are married. If you are not married, choose a married couple to write a kind note to or offer a date night too.

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