Most of us are familiar with the struggle of wanting something to happen while waiting for God’s plan to unfold. This gap between what is and what will be is the focus of Jazmin Frank’s Bible study, “In the Waiting.” In this episode, Jazmin explores how we can be active in the present as we hope for the future by examining the examples of beloved Biblical characters. Through their lives, we are reminded of God’s providence and challenged to trust Him no matter the timetable or answer He gives. We hope through this episode you understand it is ok to want, but ultimately that you want God most of all.

Topics of conversation:
  • How waiting is a good thing
  • The source of our wait
  • Trusting God with the details
  • Working while we wait
  • Remembering God is with us
  • Remaining faithful while we wait
  • When waiting is not our fault
  • How waiting can be a time of preparation
  • Keeping a pleasing attitude
  • Praying while we wait  
  • How Jesus waited
  • How we can love others in their seasons of waiting

“There has to be more than just waiting to get to the other side. I wanted to know how I have a relationship with God in the waiting season.”

“Waiting is difficult especially when we’re waiting on God to do something.”

“If this is the place I am in, how am I going to wait well here?”

“The best way to be near to Him is to be honest with Him.”

“We are allowed to want. Our longings for more lead us back to God.”. 

“Contentment does not negate wanting. God wants us to want Him more than the thing that He has promised. If we have all the details we are predisposed to try to do it all on our own.”

“Sometimes our waiting also involves working. This could be working internally or externally.”

“Even when things take time and don’t turn out as you intended the Lord is faithful and He never forgets us.”

“Keep living faithfully even if we are delayed.”

“When you think you can’t wait one more minute, wait one more minute.”

“Praying is a simple way to draw near to God and press into a relationship with Him.”

“Jesus waited too.”

“Our waiting will ultimately end when Jesus returns and He establishes the new creation here.”

“We have no guarantee that the things we are waiting on are the things God will do.”

“Waiting can often be lonely and isolating.”

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