What dream has God given you and what is holding you back from realizing it? Fit In Faith podcast host, Tamra Andress is on the show today propelling us to make our own unique impact. 

We chat about her story of entrepreneurship and her epiphany moment to make a change to stop pursuing the American Dream and pursue what the Lord had for her instead. 

Join us to discover how to be ready to answer the call fully well and truly whole so others may encounter Him through you! It’s time to activate that dream and make the kingdom impact you were created for! 

In this episode we chat about:

  • Clarifying our dreams
  • Obedience and submission 
  • Combating excuses and fear 
  • The disservice of not doing and the ripple effect of doing 
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Simplifying purpose and calling 
  • Understanding your why 


“I was so unhealthy – my mind, body, and soul.”

“If I’m called to make disciples and can’t disciple my own children, what does that say?” 

“I thought that was what I wanted to achieve but then when I had it I realized how completely lost I was.”

“As mothers we often put our dreams aside because we are trying to cultivate the dreams of our children.”

“Even above obedience submission comes into play.” 

“Our God is an abundant God. He can duplicate time, energy, and money. Resources come from Him.”

“Failure is a figment of your imagination because He’s not gonna let you fall alone, therefore you’re only failing forward.”

“We have a huge responsibility in discipleship and a huge responsibility to serve the world with the name of Jesus.”

“I want to make an impact, but I know that I can’t do that in my own will and in my own strength.”

“Your lack of activation is actually blocking somebody else’s blessing. It’s not for you. It is for everyone else around you.”

“Everything we do is a gift. If you are doubting yourself, you are doubting the Creator.”

“Take that weight off of your ability and put that confidence in the One who is capable of all things.”

“I don’t think we understand true calling until we understand the true call of Jesus Christ.”

“Abundance and wealth is about more than money.”

“It’s an always becoming journey and no one has it all figured out. Only the Lord does.”

“Realizing the difference between cultivating it in our own might versus resting in God’s vision. Not looking externally on how we can build something, but looking internally to the gifts He’s given us. What can we do that’s connected with who we are and whose we are?”

“I can operate in peace even in the midst of chaos.”

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