A Little Dream Goes a Long Way with Shayne Moore and Carolyn Castleberry Hux

by | Dec 27, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Are you feeling adrift as you face transitions in the new year or in a new season of life? It’s time to start dreaming again.


Shayne Moore and Carolyn Castleberry Hux are on the show today offering us the building blocks for getting unstuck and finding renewed joy and purpose. They know from experience what it means and how difficult it can be to navigate this territory.


In their book Women at Halftime, Shayne and Carolyn ask key questions like:

  • Whose voice in your head still silences your voice and your dreams―and what can you do about it?

  • How can you evaluate the activities, people, and places in which you invest your time?

  • Where do you need to embrace freedom from limiting beliefs, fears, perfectionism, or other obstacles holding you back?


Know you are not alone. Transformative growth takes time, but the end result is worth it. Take heart, your best years are not behind you. The best is yet to come!



“Halftime isn’t just middle age. It is something that has happened in a season of your life.”


“I was stuck and I felt like God was done with me.”


Ephesians 2:10


“There is a plan and a process but it’s not easy to always get there.”


“Get clear on who you are.”


“Get free from the things that are holding you back.”


“What are your passions?”


“Get together with others to hold us accountable.”


“What is your bigger dream?”


“Our dreams can morphe.”


“Go live your best life which is God’s best version of you.”


“Women have come to a place where they are lost and lack confidence.”


“Part of the process of getting unstuck is to reflect on your first half.”


“The biggest lie that we believe is that the best years are behind us.”

“Women are living an entire lifetime after menopause and child-rearing.”


“The goal of your second half is to serve others and to serve God.”


Depression is the highest in this midlife age. Women are suffering in silence.”


“Turn your dreamer back on.”


“It’s not the end of the world if you fail.”


“Do you believe God and His plans for you?”


“We need to walk this journey together.”


You won’t move forward unless you forgive people from the past.”

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