Won by You to Be One with You by Mariah McCleary

by | May 11, 2023 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

I feel unarmed and unprepared to lay bare before Him. The Lord and my husband. Both of them are a bit terrifying. So instead I set out my items of accomplishment. My quick wit or loving eyes. Whatever decoy I can muster up. He doesn’t fall for it. Not Jesus at least. Not ever. He sees through the charades and applause. The poopy diapers and piles of dishes I do each day. If I’ve excelled at work or made it through the mundane.


It’s as if my life is a showcase of trophies and somewhere I have forgotten I am not what I do. I actually am the dwelling of the heavenly treasure?! Not for anything I’ve accomplished or done. Not for some outstanding act of service or an on-point message. It’s because I’ve been won by the blood. I’ve been paid for in full. The cases and cases of trinkets from my life aren’t what Jesus comes seeking after. And oh…. HOW I LONG to be sought after. He is after my heart. My hopes. My longings and affections. He is after the unchartered waters of my indecisive, creative, fragile ego. He wants access to the unknown by me and familiar to him. 


Could it be the illumination (1 John 1:5) as scripture calls Him isn’t designed to shine upon me but within me? Could the power of Jesus in me be what knocks over the false altar that I keep trying to build? Is his brightness bold enough to lay me out on the altar before the King? Beautifully laid bare? Oh yes Lord….that is what I will give you. My facade of intimacy of things done for you must go. I am she- who has been won by you, to be one with you. 



1 John 3:1a

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 


So are you beloved. So are you. Trophies don’t compete. They are claimed and competed for. May you let the Lord win you today….and tomorrow…and all the ones to come.


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I am a wife to a mighty man, a mom to 4 boys, and a daughter and daughter-in-law. I’m a speaker of truth and a lover of Jesus. I’ve worked with Young Life for over 20 years and am currently an Associate Regional Director for Alaska and South Puget Sound. I love scuba diving and chips and salsa.


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