Show Notes S6E5: A Warrior Mama’s Prayers with Bethany Kimsey

by | Jan 30, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Most mothers agree that prayer is part of their parenting dynamic, yet so many mothers, including myself, wonder if the way of prayer is as mysterious and challenging as it can seem. 


We often wonder if we’re covering all the topics needed with this little one, and we wish we knew what to pray in the struggles in hard parenting seasons. 


Bethany Kimsey walked through these questions and doubts in a season with her eight children in which she desperately needed to see God at work in her children’s lives. Seeking His Word for what praying intentionally looked like began to create ~ A Warrior Mama’s Prayers.


The journal walks a mother through a full year of praying specific scriptures for her child every day, month after month. These prayers are divided into 4 main themes of prayer:

  • Praying the Gospel take root in our child’s life
  • Praying for their Character
  • Praying for the spiritual battle around them
  • Praying for their future as they learn to abide in Jesus


Join us as we learn to anchor our prayers in very specific promises and truths from His Word, you and I will have front row seats to watch God work in the hearts of our children. He invites us to partner with Him – what a privilege!



Motherhood has not always been easy, natural, or automatic for me. God has worked on me and helped me in this journey.


There is no performance in prayer. 


Prayer isn’t a magic bullet. Things may not change right away.


It fuels our faith when we see God work.


You will find all the grace and mercy you need right in your time of need. 


God cares for everything.


There is so much power in praying God’s Word.


One of the primary ways God desires to layer the Gospel onto our children’s lives is through us. 


Be bold and persistent in your asking God.


I miss what God is doing and forget what He’s done. That’s why it’s so important to journal our prayers.


We are in a battle and need to stand firm behind our shield of faith. 


A warrior is wise. They understand their weaponry, and they know their enemy.


God inclines His ear to you.

Connect with Bethany:

Bethany Kimsey (mykajabi.com)


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