Show Notes S6E25: Unlimited Motherhood with Jessica Hurlbut

by | Jun 18, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and limited by the demands on your life as a mom. Your heart’s cry is for God to use you, but at the end of the day, you don’t have much left to give.

But what if the limits on your life could be overcome through the power of the Holy Spirit?

Jessica Hurlbut is on the show sharing her book Unlimited Motherhood to ignite hope in the hearts of overwhelmed moms to believe that God has more. Revealing 12 limits that hinder mothers–very real things like exhaustion, distractions, and disillusionment–Jessica empowers you to respond in obedience rather than react in emotions. From there she will teach you how to recognize and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead so you can experience the abundant life Jesus promised rather than the just-getting-by life we tend to settle for. ama

No matter your circumstances, God sees you, knows you, and has more for your life–even amid the crazy season of motherhood.


I felt hidden for many years.

I loved God but I didn’t trust Him.

We don’t make a decision based on fear. We want to walk in faith.

We want to live open-handed.

Faith doesn’t mean God will just fix it. That’s actually just control.

None of them ever saw the promises of God.

God, I’m going to trust you even if you don’t fix it.

There is a difference in accepting Jesus and there is another of surrendering to Jesus.

Jesus’ favorite place to set up camp is the spot between expectations about our life and the life we now live.

Prayer is a relationship.

The forces outside of you cannot stop the God inside of you.

There is a curse in capability because then we don’t think we need God.

When Jesus is all you have you realize He is all you need.

I felt done with God. That was the moment we began.

Jesus, what do you want me to do today?

We believe Jesus can do anything, but we don’t believe that He can do anything through us.

He doesn’t need us, but He wants to work with us in this world.

We disqualify ourselves.

Agape love is love without a hook.


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