Show Notes S6E22: Finding True Security, Strength, and Confidence Through Humility with Dr. Joel Muddamalle 

by | May 31, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

The peace we long for begins with coming to the end of ourselves.


There are inescapable aspects of life we are all marked by. We have less control than we want, more anxiety than we’re comfortable with and just enough insecurity to continually remind us of our shortcomings. To experience these things is to be human. We aren’t superheroes and invincibility isn’t an option.


But humility is.


Whether we’ve incorrectly defined it or underestimated its relevance to our daily life, humility is the missing piece for the security, strength and confidence we all want. It’s time to stop trying so hard to avoid our limitations or overcompensate for them. God has better for us and it begins with bowing low in humility.


Dr. Joel Muddamalle is on the show to help us:


  • Overcome the fear of being “found out” or looking like a fraud by realizing God’s intent for shortcomings and weaknesses.
  • Walk through hurtful situations in the most God-honoring way by gaining a true understanding of biblical humility.
  • Answer the question “why do bad things happen to good people?” by learning a perspective shift that will change how you process suffering.
  • Know confidently that you’re living with purpose and being used by God through seven ways to practically live like Him today.
  • Be led by the biblical definition of self-awareness so you can experience the unexpected ways it brings safety and security to your life.
  • Stop believing the lie that theology is out of touch or too difficult to comprehend as Joel shows you how to dig into scripture and study it yourself.


Join us to discover weakness is not your enemy. Planted in the soil of humility, weakness becomes a means to gaining more strength and more peace.



I made a decision that I’d never walk into a room where I didn’t feel capable. 


The more power I tried to gain the weaker I felt.


The place of our weakness is the place where we meet the power of God. 


At the core of the challenges is the same foundational question: Who am I? Do I belong?  Is there someone who loves me? Is peace possible? Where is hope?


Our kids are a means of humility. I can’t hide from my true self. 


Eugene Peterson: Is what’s inside of you true of what is outside of you?


Pride is a thought we linger on too long. 


The unhealthy trinity is me, myself, and I. 


Pride promises clarity but creates chaos and confusion.


Humility keeps in mind the creator and created distinction. 


We want to be something we never intended to be.


Humility is an awareness of God. 


When I know who God is, I can rightly know who I am and can see other image-bearers as they are. 


Humility is protection, prevention, and preservation. 


Humility is not a checklist item. It is the soil of Christian life, and we have to cultivate the soil.


Be a people committed to the Scriptures.


We have to love something. If we don’t love God the next in line is ourselves. If we are the pinnacle of our own love, that’s idolatry. 


Jesus practices emotional, spiritual, and physical health. 


John 1


You didn’t have anything to do with keeping all of creation together. 


The moment of the greatest victory was the moment of the most extreme humiliation. 


Philippians 2:8-9


Hidden pride presents itself as the fruit of the spirit.


Is the story of Jesus true?


The cross turns from defeat to victory. 



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