Show Notes S6E12: Taking a Leap of Faith with Rachel G. Scott

by | Mar 19, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

When is the last time God called you to do something that felt terrifying? When God nudges us into the unknown, it can be thrilling and exciting but also overwhelming and risky. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a corporate leader looking to follow God’s calling, or a retiree who knows you have more to give to the world, this episode is for you.


Wife, mother, Bible teacher, and entrepreneur Rachel G. Scott loves to help men and women navigate their God-given callings. In her book Taking the 5 Leaps and in today’s episode, Rachel equips us to go from delay to action.


What kind of leap are you being invited to make? And how can you prepare, plan, and execute that leap? This episode outlines five types of leaps you can take using illustrations from the Bible and personal stories. Taking a risk of any kind is often accompanied with feelings of fear, uncertainty, and hesitancy. It requires courage and wisdom.

In the Bible, we meet several leapers who learned to make obedience to God a non-negotiable. Rachel introduces us to biblical characters who have paved the way to lead us into a greater understanding of God’s heart and intentions for modern-day leapers. This is your invitation to take the leap and partner with God in living a leaping lifestyle! Taking leaps always includes risks and tons of unknowns, but remember that the risk is worth Heaven’s reward.



What is God telling you? How are you going to do it?


We all have the same purpose: to tell people about Jesus.


Fisherman, tent maker, builder, shepherd, and trailblazer.


The number one goal is that no one would be lost.


Inconveniences, divine encounters, sudden moments, and instructions.


Recognize how God has been preparing you. He’s been equipping you all along.


What’s the last thing I told you to do?


He’s going to be constantly calling us into new places and spaces all the time.


Our obedience to God is non-negotiable.


God can do so much more with our willingness than He can ever do with our worthiness.


God loved you first.


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