Show Notes: S6 E13 The Art of Marriage with Dave and Ann Wilson

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Every marriage has strengths and stresses. There’s no one that can’t be improved, fine-tuned, strengthened—or even overhauled if needed.

Dave and Ann Wilson are on the podcast discussing the Art of Marriage, a transformative marriage resource designed to help you explore new levels of intimacy, communication, and connection with your spouse.

Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for decades, FamilyLife’s Art of Marriage is your path to a stronger, more beautiful masterpiece of God’s handiwork.


We are all in a spiritual battle.

Our marriages matter.

Every marriage struggles.

God saved our marriage.

Vertical marriage. You find life in God, not your spouse.

You didn’t marry the wrong; you are looking in the wrong place.

Weekend to Remember

Every marriage drifts toward isolation.

God created marriage before the church.

God loves to use the broken parts of our stories. The pain becomes our platform.

Fight for your marriage. It’s worth it.

We generally copy what our parents did.

We have the power to make our kids and spouses want to run home.

What is the mission of your marriage?

Romans 12:1



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