Show Notes S4E49: A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way with Carol McLeod

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Your Past Doesn’t Define You. Your Present Doesn’t Define You. But Who You Choose to Trust Does Define Your Future. We have all experienced a “meanwhile” in life when God is strategically laboring behind the scenes to work all things together for His good and for His glory. Sometimes a “meanwhile” can be an interminable and challenging “mean while.” Such is the story of Joseph – and it might be your life story as well!


Joseph was a victim: of circumstances, of family dysfunction, of slavery, of unfair accusations, and of sexual harassment. However, none of those undeserved conditions impacted the ability of Joseph to walk in his destiny.


Join Carol McLeod and I as she shares how you are the “Joseph” of your own story. There are relationships, abuse, and rejection that work against you but will never determine your God-ordained destiny. No matter what you are going through and regardless of how Satan has attacked your family, your productivity, or your freedom, you can trust that God is at work behind the scenes of your life. What the enemy meant for evil, your God will certainly use for good!



“I remember thinking and asking God when will it be my turn?”


“Preparation entails doing your current season well. Do today well and I’ll prepare you for tomorrow, no what season you are in. Don’t be shoveling snow when you should be planting flowers.”


“A meanwhile is a test of faith between a crisis and God’s visible intervention.”


“Even when we don’t see it we can rest assured that God is working.”


“God will reveal dreams early so we can help Him in the preparation process to the fulfillment of that dream.”


“Joseph went to bed in prison and he woke up on a silk pillowcase in a palace.”


“Nearly every time Joseph opens his mouth he’s talking about the Lord.”


“It was 23 years from the time that God gave Joseph the dream and he stood in the throne room.”


“The Bible does it tell us what God said to Joseph, but it does tell us that He was with him and so we can trust that He will also be with us.”


“God’s not done yet. He is working behind the scenes to set you up to a destiny and a purpose that you have only dreamed about.”


“Every good thing in life that I have today was birthed in the meanwhile.”


“We are all waiting for something.”


“Life and time is a meanwhile until we join Jesus in heaven.”


“Do your meanwhile well. Don’t be frustrated. Don’t blame God.”


“Those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength.”


“When we wait on the Lord, we become more like Him.”


“Things don’t fulfill me like He does.”


Psalm 16:11


“We can be joyful in the meanwhile because God is with us in the meanwhile.”


“One of the quests of my life is to discover the joy of the Lord in all the wrong places.”


“Moses found a Joshua to prepare to take his place. Who is your Joshua you are preparing?”


“Remind your generation that the Bible is true and remind your generation of the joy of serving the Lord.”


“We need to keep our eyes on the eternal and not on the temporary.”


“The Bible prepares us for life like nothing else can.”


“I’m here for one reason only and that is to tell a lost and hurting world about Jesus.”


“I say yes with my little. There is a blessing in faithfulness when we’re faithful with the little things, He will make us lord over many.”


“God multiplies our little.”


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