S6E11Show Notes: Overflowing Joy with Tara Dew

by | Mar 12, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Whether you’re facing the ordinary, daily pressures of squaring away today’s to-do list or an unexpected season of suffering that seems to have no end, sometimes it feels like Jesus’s promise of “overflowing joy” is simply not within reach for your real life.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


By journeying with you through Jesus’s words in John 15, author and Bible teacher Tara Dew reveals three surprising paths to a truly joy-filled life. If you’re willing to take Jesus up on His teaching, you’ll find that God’s pruning, God’s presence, and God’s commands have the power to deliver not just a taste of joy as a fruit God is developing in your life, but an overflowing bushel of it! The question is, are you willing?


Join us to experience a truly, fully, and genuinely joy-filled life—no matter the season or circumstance!




No matter my circumstances, I pray God’s joy is evident.


We fix our eyes on the wrong things.


Let’s be women who glance at our lives and stare at our God.

Pruning, presence, perseverance.


If we are Christians, we will love as He has loved us.


Pray that God will give you the desire to love Him and others.


Pray that God will give you the desire and the opportunity.


The things of this world may cause heartache, but they are not forever. One day, God will make it all right.


Find your joy in your salvation. One day, you will have eternal life with Him.


May we be people that never get over the gospel.


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