S5E42 Show Notes: A Little Hope Goes a Long Way with Taylor Turkington

by | Oct 31, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

At times, our chaotic world reveals hints of the utter brokenness in which we live. As people of faith in a powerful God, we want to lift our faces to heaven to cry out or bury our faces in our hands to whisper prayers. Either way, we utter things like “God, please help” and “God, what are you doing?” and “God, those people are terrible!”


And we aren’t alone in those words we lift to heaven.


Taylor Turkington is joining us today to talk about her book Trembling Faith (B&H books). We chat about the timeless story of Habakkuk and look at the situation of our own hearts and world. Tune in to learn that the only way not just to survive but find lasting hope is through gritty, trembling, wrestling faith in the God who works in our chaotic world.



“We can walk forward even with trembling faith.”

“We can face chaos and not stick our heads in the sand.”


“God offers a way to live, even in the midst of our anger and hurt.”


“Lament is a discrepancy. Sometimes things get worse before they get better.”


“God works in patterns. God is the one who has always saved His people.”

“We need to go to God with what we are feeling. He wants to hear from us.”


“God is working, even when we don’t see it.”


“God is better than all the things we may lose in this life.”


“Grief, hope, and joy can intermingle.”

“God can make the dangerous places a place where we can still stand.”


“God is a holy and just God. We want to walk like Him.”


“God was on a mission then, and He’s on a mission now.”


“Hope means I can keep going each day.”

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