S5E41 Show Notes: A Little Friendship Goes a Long Way with Elizabeth Laing Thompson

by | Oct 24, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

We all long for “friends forever”―but what happens when forever ends?


They say friends are the family we choose. And that choosing―the joy of loving and being loved by someone who isn’t genetically obligated to share life with us―adds priceless worth to our days, but also great risk. Because hurt can happen even in the closest friendships, and sometimes friendships fall apart. The loss can be staggering. As we struggle to digest the pain and confusion, we wonder, How could this happen? And what do I do now?


Elizabeth Laing Thompson is on the show today chatting about her book  When a Friendship Falls Apart and helps us as we process our struggling friendships―the faltering, the fractured, and the failed. Join us as we chat about:


  • How do we guard against the poison of bitterness so we can process the hurt and move forward?

  • When and how do we seek reconciliation? What does forgiveness look like?

  • How do we know when it’s time to leave a friendship behind?

  • How do we open up again and entrust our wounded hearts to new friendships?


If you find yourself in the midst of a friendship that’s falling apart, or you’re grappling with past hurts and regrets, this episode is for you. May it be a comfort and help, leading you closer to the Friend who will never leave.



“Friendship has always been important to me.”


“Our friendships matter to us, so when they fall apart, it is a real loss with tremendous grief.”


“It’s important to pray through what you’ve been through so it doesn’t haunt you and keep you from offering your heart in future friendships.”


“We don’t navigate through the same life transitions as our friends.”


“We have to be clear with our communication with our friends, which is important to us to protect the friendship. We have to be intentional.”


Paul and Barnabas


“Even righteous friends can part ways.”


Matthew 18


“Go to the person and talk to them. We go to everyone but the person we need to talk to.”


“Pray for your enemies. This is God’s way to help heal your heart.”


“It takes two to argue and two to reconcile.”


“We can bring our heartache to God.”


“There are Godly, trustworthy friends out there.”


“Think about how many times God has been rejected. We can be brave like He has been brave.”


“God wants us to live in community.”


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