S5E35 Show Notes: A Little Vision Goes a Long Way with Rachelle Starr

by | Sep 12, 2023 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

When she was only twenty-three years old, Rachelle Starr started going to strip clubs to share Christ’s love with the dancers. Now, having founded a Christian ministry to people in the adult entertainment industry, she demonstrates the key to shining Christ’s light into the darkness–love people one at a time and continue to love them no matter what.


Loving others like Jesus did has to be more than social media shares and likes–we need to meet people in their pain growing in our empathy and love for those God has placed in our lives. But maybe you’re afraid or unsure where to start.


On today’s episode, we are chatting about how a little vision goes a long way. As Rachelle shares about her book Outrageous Obedience: Answering God’s Call to Shine in the Darkest Places, she will light a fire in your soul to step out in greater ways and become fearlessly and outrageously obedient to the Lord.


Join us to be inspired by Rachelle’s true stories and biblical encouragement and discover the courage to say yes to God. Then, witness the fruit and the blessings of your obedience to the vision God has given you.




What am I here on earth for?


I wanted to do something for God’s Kingdom.


Those were good things, but it wasn’t my God thing.


I had no experience. I only had God’s call.


That’s exactly what Jesus would do.


God did not call me to start a ministry. He directed me to her.


If you focus on how many we get paralyzed. But if we focus on the one, we can all do something.


Ordinary obedience is outrageous in our culture right now.


God will equip us for what He calls us to.


I have found the most amazing moments in my journey with Christ are when I’ve been obedient to the Lord’s small whispers. The more often you do it, the less scary it becomes.


People want to be heard and want someone to tell their stories to.


Is your vision a good thing or a God thing?


One step at a time is likely all God will give you.


When women answer the call to be obedient to Christ, we will see the Kingdom come to earth.


It is not dependent on us, but we get to be alongside God on this journey.


God’s vision is never little.


Matthew 27:28


Jesus’ blood covers all.


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