S5E3 Show Notes: A Little Song Goes a Long Way with Hannah Anderson

by | Jan 17, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

There is something special about music. It has a unique way of staying with us and speaking straight to our souls. Have you ever heard a song on the radio or at church play that was exactly what you needed to hear? I certainly have. I’ve even noticed whatever I’ve been listening to the previous day is what I wake up singing the next morning or humming throughout the day. Before I know it, the people around me start humming and singing along too. A simple song can have powerful effects.


Hannah Anderson is on the show today sharing about her book Heaven and Nature Sing. Join us to experience the goodness of our Creator King and learn how the whole earth sings his praise. Find your soul renewed and your heart restored, and discover once again why heaven and nature sing.



“All creation is singing the praises of their Creator. How can we join creation’s praise in honor of our Creator?”


“Music is language and sound put to timing and rhythm. We remember lyrics because there is rhythm, pattern, and repetition.”


“There are cycles that are inherent in music that we see that are inherent in the natural world.”


“If we’ll stop long enough and tune in and attune ourselves to what is happening in creation we have an opportunity to join that praise and learn about our Creator.”


“Worship is not just for Sunday. All of life is about our worship.”


Sometimes a Light Surprises hymn


“Songs give us the opportunity to express our feelings truthfully.”


“God’s glory is worth singing about!”


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