S5E2 Show Notes: A Little Work Goes a Long Way with Jordan Raynor

by | Jan 10, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Do you believe your work is eternally significant? Perhaps you feel as if the work you do carries less eternal impact than the work of a pastor or missionary. But that’s not how God sees it. Whatever it looks like day to day, your work is ministry and central to God’s plans to restore fallen creation.​

As the days of creation reveal, God is quite familiar with work himself. He created humans with unique giftings and interests, specifically so we can pursue his redemptive work in partnership with him. Jordan Raynor joins us to talk about his devotional The Word Before Work to help you see how your work connects to God’s work in the world.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, barista, stay-at-home parent, CEO, or coach, God created you for work, it matters, and it holds significance both now and for eternity.



“The first thing God wanted us to know is that He is the God who creates.”


“God works as a means of serving us.”


“It’s astounding that God would invite us to work with Him.”


“God wants us to co-labor with Him.”


“Created is the first verb in the Bible.”


“Our worth is irrespective of our productivity. My productivity is a responsive worship for the Lord.”


“Work itself is not the curse. It is cursed as a result of our sin, but one day it will not be.”


“There are no amount of good works you can do to earn your salvation.”


“You’ve been saved for good works.”


“Since the Holy Spirit dwells in us, then any secular place can become sacred.”


“Give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord because your labor in the Lord is not done in vain. It will shape Heaven.”


“We have made the great commission the only commission.”


“The work you do today contributes to God’s eternal pleasure.”


“Your work contributes to your eternal rewards.”


“Your work can scratch off glimpses of God in the present.”


“You are a faithful representative of God.”


“Embrace some level of mystery on how God will use your work.”


“The God of the universe loves you on your least and most productive day.”



“Christianity gives you the verdict before the performance.”


“God took my marginal faithfulness and used it in amazing ways.”


John Piper- God’s job is fruitfulness, our job is faithfulness.

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