S5E12 Show Notes: A Little Humility Goes a Long Way with Chelsey DeMatteis

by | Mar 21, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

When we truly understand who Christ is, our self-importance melts away. This is true humility, the basis for greatness in any work we do for the Lord. But how do we live a life more focused on Christ in a me-centered world? Chelsey DeMatteis is on the show sharing about her book More of Him, Less of Me. In today’s episode, Chelsey points us to the cross and away from the trap of our self-centered culture. Join us to encounter a shift in the way you see the world and how God sees you. Your lens will go from a “me” perspective to a Kingdom perspective. Your heart will be shaped by the truth from God’s word and the overflow will cause others to lean in, listen, and desire a life of more Jesus!



“When I look at Scripture, I need to see a reflection of who I really am—my identity and my sin.”


“Humility instantly softens you.”


“The gospel softens our hearts.”


“I felt like Pharoah. I had hardened my own heart.”


Malachi 3


“I’d been arrogant and prideful in the name of Jesus.”


Proverbs 31 Encouragement for Today


Lysa TerKeurst


“Be careful with who you surround yourself with.”


“Pride goes before the fall.”


“When you are full of pride you don’t want to be in the Word because you think you already know it all.”


“I was using God’s Word as a weapon of pride.”


“Remember how this started.”


Matthew 26


“Lord, your will be done.”


John 3:30

“He must increase and I must decrease.”


“John the Baptist stepped aside so Jesus could take His rightful place.”


“You are sacred. What do you do with something sacred? We need to protect those things.”


“What are the things in your life that are tainting your heart and how can you protect those areas?”


“Conviction is a gift. Conviction is how you know the Holy Spirit resides in you.”


“Conviction shows us how much God loves us and shows how He doesn’t want to leave us in sin.”


1 Thessalonians 5


“Sanctification is the way the Lord chisels away the things that separate us from Him making us more like Him.”


“What is God’s heart? That I would look more like Him.”


“I don’t like hard. I just want God to take it away. But Your will be done.”


Lauren Akin – Live in Love


“There is a peace when we know it’s from God.”


Kristi McClelland


“What is distracting you and keeping your eyes off Christ?”


“Jesus will fill the gaping hole in your heart.”


“You can live out what God’s Word says.”



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