S5E10 Show Notes: A Little Conversation Goes a Long Way with Shannan Martin

by | Mar 7, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

You want more. You want to belong to a community that looks out for each other. You believe in your bones we don’t have to live detached, distracted, and divided. The question is, How? Shannan Martin is on the show inviting us into deeper connection through simple resets. Through her book, Start with Hello, and today’s conversation we hope you’ll realize a life of security, camaraderie, and joy. There is no step too small.



“We are all in the midst of ordinary days and finding bright spots as they come.”


“We don’t have to keep looking for our calling. Our calling is to love God and love our neighbor.”


“I felt like I should be doing something, but I discovered it’s more about simply being aware.”


“All of our relationships started small. They all started with a hello.”


“Jesus was a listener and a question-asker. If we want to engage, take time to listen.”


“We can’t always drop what we are doing and engage, but sometimes we can if we build space into our schedules.”


“We were created to know each other and need each other.”


The more we are intentional, the more we fall in love with the place and people around us. This is the Kingdom of God at work.”


“We can allow ourselves the permission to start small. Allow the work to be slow and hidden. It’s ok if it’s unspectacular.”


“The simplest reset is to be intentional to watch creation. It builds more awareness to pay attention to our world.”


“Ask for what you need and give what you can. That’s hospitality. It’s ok to take turns.”


“Go first.”


“We are a part of something bigger than us.”


“God is actively at work in our midst all of the time.”


“If we want to reflect and receive God’s goodness we have to be near each other.”


“The only path to our church is through our dining room.”


“All the hellos don’t have to end with best friends.”


“We miss meaningful connections because on paper they don’t make sense.”


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