S4E45 Show Notes: A Little Encounter Goes a Long Way with Alice Matagora 

by | Nov 8, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

God wants to use you right where you are through every single encounter you have. No matter who you are, what you do, or where you are, join Alice Mategora and me as we talk about How to Save the World. Tune in to discover practical ways to share your faith as you join God in saving the world right where you live—one encounter at a time.




“I felt like if I wasn’t the best then I was nothing.”


“She was living her life with the Lord with me.”


“We aren’t making disciples because we think there’s a lack of time or we have a lack of confidence, so we leave the job to those in vocational ministry.”


“Listen to God‘s prompting to be faithful to make disciples right where you already are.”


“I want everyone else to experience what have experienced through Christ.”


We have a head knowledge to make disciples but what’s the heart connection talk to the calling?”


“What is the lineage that results from our faithfulness in our spaces?”


“Discipleship falls under the umbrella of mentorship.”


“Discipleship is helping someone know Jesus and then equipping them to do the same.”


“We have to be careful not to impose our worldview and our values when we are discipling.”


“The most important thing in disciple-making is to help people hear God for themselves.”


“Offer what you have where you are.”


“Jesus is so welcoming and inviting and so radically different than the world. People are attracted to it.”


“People want to know how to have the peace, joy, hope, and faith that you have found in Jesus.”

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