S4E44 Show Notes: A Little Yes Goes a Long Way with Jennifer Hand

by | Nov 1, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Isn’t it time you said yes to God? What’s holding you back? The risk? The unknown? The unwillingness to shake up the comfortable status quo? Whatever it is, if you’re not in God’s best place, you’re missing out on something great. The Lord is calling you into a Promised Land. But it’s going to take some faith steps to get there.

Jenn Hand wants you to be able to say to God, “My yes is on the table.” Not halfheartedly. Not half the time. Not halfway there. Jenn wants you to go all in with God—because God is all in for you.

For too long, you’ve been paralyzed by fear of the future. You feel God calling. You want to go forward with His plans. Yet fear has stopped you from taking the leap. No more! Instead of letting fear stop you short, let faith call you forward with newfound confidence and holy boldness. Put your “yes” on the table, and watch God do more in your life than you could have ever imagined.



“Yes is such a small word with such a life-changing impact.”


“Often we think of saying yes to God as a one and done, but yes to God is a daily surrender.”


“Good things aren’t always God things.”


“Suffering is holy ground.”


“We have a God who is always with us.”


“Saying yes is an adventure of a lifetime.”


“I still get afraid and want to say no sometimes.”


“We compare our yeses.”


“God writes His glory in your story.”


“The underlying fear is do I really believe in the goodness and character of God?”


“I don’t want fear to ever prevent me from entering into the Promised Land.”


“The Promised Land is obedience.”


“You can’t move forward in faith until you realize what fear is stopping you.”


“When we don’t put our yes on the table we are missing out on the opportunity to see God’s glory unfold.”

“One no, doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on everything God has for you. God’s grace and mercy will meet you.”


“Saying yes to serving God has taken me farther than I ever asked or imagined.”


“God said yes to me, so I pray I continue to say yes to Him.”


If you’ve never said yes to God, please reach out to Jennifer or me. We’d love to share the Good News of the Gospel with you!

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