S4E26 Show Notes: Prayers of Rest with Asheritah Ciuciu 

by | Jun 28, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Let’s face it: we all know we should be praying more. And we genuinely try to make it happen! But before we know it, the day’s worries and demands often distract us from conversation with God, and we’re left wondering why we don’t hear from Him. It happens to all of us.


Asheritah Ciuciu is on today’s episode chatting about her devotional titled Prayers of Rest: 365 Prompts to Hear God’s Voice. She is offering us a respite from our spiritual to-do list by providing guided prayers that will focus our mind and heart on Scripture. Using the memorable acronym REST and daily Bible verses, she guides us through worship, confession, stillness, and surrender.


We’ll learn to:

• Recite God’s Goodness

• Express Our Neediness

• Seek His Stillness

• Trust His Faithfulness


Don’t let distractions pull you away from God. When the duties of life begin to weigh on your mind . . .  that’s exactly when you need to REST in the Lord.



“Busyness, overwhelm, and perfectionism can all come to this trifecta. So we either avoid praying altogether or we rush through prayer to check it off our list.”


“We get stuck in a rut of doing certain things in a certain way.”


“What does this teach me about God and what can I recite about His goodness?”


“I’d been so busy talking in my prayers that I never took the time to slow down and just be with God.”


“God, I trust you to be faithful. I praise you because you will do the things you promised.”


“Not only does praying this way help me cast my anxieties upon the Lord, but it actually it allows me to experience His rest and His peace in a way that transforms me emotionally and spiritually.”


“When we break down our habits and make them smaller, we are more likely to follow through and grow that habit.”


“Your brain will be less likely to resist it if it is smaller.”


“Link it to something you already do.”


“Celebrate small wins. When we celebrate what is going well, our brains release endorphins which then make it more pleasurable for the brain. The brain will then link those positive feelings to the activity you just did.”


“Don’t downplay your accomplishment.”


“Build a prayer rhythm throughout your day.”


Unwrapping the Names of Jesus book


“Names are so significant in the Bible.”


“Confession isn’t so much about informing God what I did wrong because He already knows. Confession reminds me how much I’ve fallen short and how great God’s mercy and grace are.”


“It becomes so familiar to us that we don’t cherish it anymore.”


“They are all living out the blessing that my great grandfather prayed over them. Not because he was so great, but because He trusted in our great God.”


“For years I was so scared I would misinterpret God’s voice that I didn’t take the time to listen.”


“Let the distracting thoughts serve as prompts for conversations with God.”


“Test what we sense with what is revealed in Scripture.”

Asheritah Ciuciu


“The number one obstacle to our prayers is we feel like we don’t have enough time.”


“True healing comes in God’s presence.”


“You can be a love offering by spending time talking with God.”


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