S3E25: Life-Changing Stories With Karen Kingsbury

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Karen Kingsbury

If you are a Christian fiction reader, you have probably read the work of Karen Kingsbury. She is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author and she on the show today sharing her own life story as a journalist, novelist, wife, mother, and philanthropist. 


Hearing her story and having an inside peek into her career as a writer was so faith-building. If I admired her before, I admire her even more now after having this conversation. 


Friend, you too have a beautiful story God is writing for your life. We pray you recognize His hand, trust His plan, and live on mission for Him. You don’t want to miss being a part of His life-changing story. 



“None of us are limited in any way. If you want to pursue a dream, God can open the door.”


“My dad used to tell me, “Karen, one day everyone will know your work. Someone is going to be the next best selling author; it might as well be you.””


“It taught me how to navigate a world that I was unfamiliar with.”


“I took his Bible and threw it on the ground and it broke in half.”


“I had a lot of beliefs about God, but it was my truth. I felt the Lord speaking to me that you can either grab a hold of my word or keep with your man-made traditions. I grabbed a hold of Him and have never let go.”


“We started to pray that God would make a way for me to write at home.”


“This is not a formula, it is God.”


“It wasn’t a fangirl moment, it was wow, God used you to change my life.”


“God is the only one who could write a story like that.”



“It starts with having a close walk with Jesus.”


“If the dream isn’t from Him, it will be rocky and uncomfortable and you’re going to find yourself doing all the effort.”


“It was a dream I knew God had laid on my heart. I just needed to be patient.”


“No is not a reflection on you and what He has called you to do. It’s just not the right door. Today’s no is just a bigger yes down the road.”


“We are learning to trust God with the disappointments. Walk it out with Him. Whatever you are dealing with today, God can redeem it and make it into something much more beautiful.”


“We set out to bless them initially, but it was them who blessed us.”


“Avoid the good, great, fine.”


“You have one chance to write the story of your life. This life is not a dress rehearsal.”


“The One Chance Foundation is where readers can donate money to bring children home to their forever family.”


“The You Were Seen Movement is a ten pack of cards to give away to live your life on mission. Your mission trip is right in front of you.”


“God has blessed us so much. It’s all for Him and His glory. We had just as much fun and just as much joy without it, but if we’re going to have it, our family motto and verse is to whom much is given, much is expected.”


“He never knew how much his words would mean to me and how they would change the direction of my life.”


“That’s the most beautiful story of love and rescue that I’ve ever written.”


“It will remind you that God is our rescue.”


“All of my life brought me to that moment with him. All of his life led to that intersection of our two lives and I had no way to share Jesus with him.”


“This week’s love offering is to live your life on mission. What we do on earth matters for all of eternity. We love God and love people. Your life will intersect with someone’s today by a divine plan of God. Use that moment and don’t lose it.”


“There’s a possibility that exists with all of us.”


“As a mom one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is to listen.”


“We won’t know this side of heaven, the impact we have had.”


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Liberty University


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12 Mighty Orphans – Sony 

The Baxter’s Series – Light Workers


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A Distant Shore

Francine Rivers Redeeming Love

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