A Little Tradition Goes a Long Way with Crickett Keeth

by | May 2, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Do you have any traditions, special dates, activities, or places that help you commemorate significant events in your life? Especially those events where God has done something for you? While traditions often revolve around major events such as the birth and resurrection of Jesus, they can also serve to celebrate personal moments—the little things maybe only you would recognize, such as how God answered a certain prayer, supplied for your need, or made himself incredibly known to you.


Crickett Keeth is in the show today chatting about her favorite traditions and leaving a legacy. She asks us to consider what we are passing down to the next generation. Think about what heritage you want to give to your family and the significance your customs carry. How can you tell others of God’s faithfulness by creating a new tradition of your own or by continuing a tradition that was passed on to you? Whatever traditions you and I practice, I pray they are rooted in biblical truth and keep God at the forefront so future generations can connect with him and connect with each other. Because if there is anything worth passing on, it is Him.



“God has been faithful and He will be faithful.”


“I love to walk alongside women and spur them on.”


“Lord, let me make a difference for Your Kingdom somehow.”


“Women need relationships with women. They need to feel like they belong and that they are heard.”


“I think women want to be challenged to grow.”


“Prayer is more about the relationship than the ritual.”


“Prayer is not to get something out of God. It’s to get to know Him through our prayers.”


“What kind of examples are we setting for the women around us?”


“Lord, I don’t want it if it’s not what’s best for me. God, I want what you want.”


“Every generation has the responsibility to help bring up the next generation. We need to live in a way that we want them to live.”


“How do we walk through these things in a way that will please God and bring Him honor?”


“Who is somebody you can train that can take the baton when you’re ready to hand it over?”


2 Timothy


“Leaving a legacy of eternal significance is about people, not things.”


“God, how can I point people to you?”


“Eternal significance is about eternal fruit, not temporary pleasures.”


“Make an impact with your life. Impact the life of the one in front of you.”


“We can leave a legacy of encouragement, equipping, and faithfulness.”


“What am I modeling for others in the way that I’m living my life? What am I doing to point people to God?”


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