The Love Offering Blog Series: Carrying A Friend On Faith by Ashley Moore

by | Nov 25, 2020 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

Ashley Moore

Sadness lurked over her like a dark, stormy cloud. When days passed without seeing my friend, I became concerned. We pleaded and prayed for new life to grow inside her womb. Yet, before we could dream about what the gender would be or the baby’s hair color, he/she was gone. 

Recalling the plight of my friend, I was reminded of a story in the gospel of Luke. Some companions of a paralyzed man heard of the traveling teacher who could perform miracles and knew immediately they needed to get their immobilized friend to Jesus. The Scriptures do not say much about the man, but we can easily conclude that he was in desperate need of healing. 

Knowing Jesus’ healing powers, the friends carried their crippled companion to the crowd gathered around the Savior. When they couldn’t get close enough, the Bible says they scaled the house with his mat bound body in tow. They stripped back the roofing until they made a hole large enough and they lowered him right before the feet of Jesus. Because of their courageous act, guess what happened next?

“Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the man, “Young man, your sins are forgiven.” Luke 5:20 (NLT) On account of the paralytic’s friend’s faith, he was not only restored physically, but he was forgiven and set free for eternity. 

While we may not know someone who directly struggles with paralysis, we will, in different seasons, experience the anguish of others. A friend may experience the death of a parent, miscarriage, loss of a job, or a host of other sad realities of living in a broken, sin-cursed world. Like my friend, your friend may be unable to lift the heavy cloak of circumstantial grief on their own.  

My friend’s emotional response to her painful loss sent me to my knees in prayer. I knew no words I could say or gift I could bring would ever be enough to heal her loss. I was unable to comfort in her time of need, but I was not helpless. So I drug her, not physically, but in my prayers before the Lord for complete healing and restoration. 

Are you faced with the pain of a friend right now? Don’t forget the access we have to the One who can heal. When your friend falters, carry them to the feet of Jesus. Be spurred on to love them well by bringing them before the Father today in prayer. By your faith, may your heavy-laden friend be forgiven, healed, and set free.

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Ashley spills all to illuminate the truth that she has discovered. Following Jesus is hard, but worth it. Salvation is only the beginning of a beautiful journey with Colby Moore and proud mama to three precious children Cypress, Sparrow & Jovee.

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