Our lives are so intertwined. As relational beings, we are dependent on one another and reactive to the words and actions of each other both positively or negatively. As I reflect on people that have had a positive impact on my life I am so grateful. Because of my parents, husband, children, teachers, friends, colleagues, and community, my life has been altered for the better as a result of their involvement.
Because someone told me about Jesus I became a believer.
Because someone invited me to church I grew in relationship with the Lord.
Because I was included I got to experience community.
Because I was challenged I was sharpened and pruned.
Because I was encouraged I took the next step.
Because I was believed in I didn’t give up.
Because I was loved unconditionally I felt safe and secure and learned my worth.
Because Jesus died for me I can have eternal life with Him.
I’m inspired to think about who I can tell, invite, include, challenge, encourage, believe in, and love so that their life may look different because I was willing to be the vessel God intended for me to be. I’d love to hear your because in the comments below. And more importantly, I challenge you to go and be someone’s because