Who Is On the Other Side of Your Yes? By Jaclyn Weidner

by | Nov 25, 2021 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

There is someone else on the other side of your yes. We often get it backwards. As we step out into the places God calls us, we often initially believe that it’s all about us. But the more steps we begin to take, the more we begin to realize – it has very little to do with us, and so much more about what God wants to do through us. Who He wants to reach. Who He wants to impact. 


The enemy loves to whisper in our ear that if we step out, we are making it about us. We are being selfish, self-focused, and looking for our own glory. 


And while that certainly can be true, whether it’s a temptation or simply adrift from walking with a pure heart, God has a way of redirecting both our path and our heart. 


Have you ever been driving somewhere, following your GPS navigation system, and then taken a wrong turn? What happens? We immediately hear “re-routing, re-routing.” And that’s the case with God. When we begin to walk off course or stray in our hearts, He will re-route us and draw us back to where He wants us to be.


Often I find when I speak with women who are afraid of making it about themselves, they don’t need to worry so hard! Just the sheer fact that this is a concern tells me about their heart posture. The main thing they should be concerned about is allowing fear to keep them from stepping out at all! Of shrinking back because of how they might be perceived or that a little spotlight would shine their way. 


The best way to gain courage and clarity to step out where God has called you, and to keep a pure heart in the process is to abide. When we stay close to Him, everything else will fall into place. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” When our heart is set on seeking Him first, the things that matter will fall into place and the rest will fall away. 


Take a moment and think of the people that have made an impact in your life. What would you have missed out on if they hadn’t stepped out? If they had shrunk back in fear of failure, or getting it wrong, or looking like it was all about them.


I’ve yet to meet someone who has said they weren’t feeling afraid as they stepped out where God has called them. Whether it was simply walking across the street to talk to a neighbor, or to walk across a stage to tell their story. Friend, there is someone on the other side of your yes, what are you waiting for?



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Jaclyn Weidner is a self-proclaimed former “president of the hot mess moms club” who now teaches other moms how to move from surviving to thriving with practical tips and a whole lotta Jesus! She’s the host of the Ready to Thrive Podcast and author of Tangled: A Soul Care Revival Guide. She lives just outside of Vancouver, Canada with her husband and three talkative girls.


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